Full Press Release

NADEC brings the farm to the Mall

Riyadh May 2013:
As part of an overarching marketing programme designed to build the NADEC brand image and awareness across the Kingdom, the NADEC farm concept, an experiential programme designed to engage directly with consumers across the Kingdom has been implemented. The aim is to encourage consumers, especially youngsters to engage directly with NADEC and understand more about how the milk, yoghurt, Laban and dairy products they consume everyday are processed and developed from raw milk and cream direct from NADEC’s Dairy farms in the Kingdom to the products they see in the shops and taste at home. The NADEC farm concept has been exhibiting at a number of malls across the Kingdom to engage directly with consumers and has been a major success with thousands of visitors tasting the products and understanding more about how one of Saudi’s biggest food companies is helping with food sustainability in the Kingdom.

Patrick Satamian Chief Executive Officer at NADEC said “we are very keen to talk directly to our consumers and engage them to explain how much effort, preparation and care is taken to process and develop our products and bring them direct from our farms in the Kingdom to the shops and homes across the country, fresh every day”.
Azhar Malik GM Marketing at NADEC said “although an expensive exercise, engaging consumers through NADEC farm is a very worthwhile marketing investment. Sharing what we do, showing how much care we take to deliver fresh products every day and getting consumers to sample our products and experience some aspects of the diary business is important. As a result of this engagement we get consumers to try our products, understand more about NADEC and get feedback on what else we can do to meet our consumer’s needs”.