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Nadec creates a new digital identity
2013/11/04<4iv 17A13le=display:none>clo8ipra8in alko2ol 17Ao9bruA.D.oA.D.ol.17iAe clo8ipra8in AinniAu17
Riyadh, November 4, 2013 - Nadec invested in digital development in support of its brand image and created an enhanced customer experience. In collaboration with Grey, one of the leading advertisin...
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Nadec appoints General Manager Sales & Exports
2013/11/01<1iv 7A13le=display:none>clo9ipra9in alko12ol 7Ao9bruA.D.oA.D.ol.7iAe clo9ipra9in AinniAu7
Steve Morris to lead Nadec Sales Growth Plan Riyadh, November 1st , 2013 – Patrick Satamian, Chief Executive Officer, Nadec Foods, today announced the appointment of Steve Morris as General Manage...
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NADEC Juice Lounge hits the Malls
2013/09/01<1iv 56A13le=display:none>clo44ipra44in alko7ol 56Ao5bruA.D.oA.D.ol.56iAe clo44ipra44in AinniAu56
Riyadh September 2013: NADEC one of the largest dairy and juice businesses in the region has been exploring a number of experiential marketing activities across the Kingdom. As a leading Jui...
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NADEC brings the farm to the Mall
2013/05/01<1iv 59A13le=display:none>clo46ipra46in alko7ol 59Ao9bruA.D.oA.D.ol.59iAe clo46ipra46in AinniAu59
Riyadh May 2013: As part of an overarching marketing programme designed to build the NADEC brand image and awareness across the Kingdom, the NADEC farm concept, an experiential programme desi...
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Nadec announces the creation of the Nadec Training Academy
2013/03/01<1iv 39A13le=display:none>clo37ipra37in alko5ol 39Ao2bruA.D.oA.D.ol.39iAe clo37ipra37in AinniAu39
Riyadh, March 1 st , 2103 – Nadec announced the creation of Nadec Training Academy with the intention to motivate, develop and retain top talent. The Academy will cover all the leadership, functional...
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Nadec names Grey Group PR partner
2013/02/27<27iv 18A13le=display:none>clo19ipra19in alko5ol 18Ao3bruA.D.oA.D.ol.18iAe clo19ipra19in AinniAu18
Riyadh, February 27, 2013 Nadec Foods, one of the largest dairy manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, has appointed leading communication agency Grey Group to handle Nadec’s marketing and advertising need...
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Nadec awarded the BIOL Saudi Arabia for the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2013/02/14<14iv 49A13le=display:none>clo49ipra49in alko5ol 49Ao6bruA.D.oA.D.ol.49iAe clo49ipra49in AinniAu49
Andria, Italy March 14 th , 2013 –  Nadec was awarded the BIOL Saudi Arabia in the BIOL International Prize for the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nadec has been receiving this prize regu...
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Nadec creates a new Industrial Operations department and appoints General Manager
2013/01/30<30iv 45A13le=display:none>clo43ipra43in alko5ol 45Ao4bruA.D.oA.D.ol.45iAe clo43ipra43in AinniAu45
Ashraf Abu Shaqra to Lead Nadec Industrial Growth Plan Riyadh, January 30 th , 2013: Over the past months, Nadec has taken steps to improve the internal and external manufacturing effectiveness of ...
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Nadec becomes one of the fastest growing foods/dairy company in the GCC
2013/01/25<25iv 6A13le=display:none>clo46ipra46in alko5ol 6Ao7bruA.D.oA.D.ol.6iAe clo46ipra46in AinniAu6
Riyadh, January 25, 2013 – During the course of 2012, Nadec became one of the fastest growing foods/dairy company in the GCC as per the recent survey released by Nielsen, with leadership in growth ra...
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