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NADEC announces distribution of cash dividends for the second half of the Year 2012 - 2013/02/13
The board of directors of the National Agriculture Development Co. (NADEC) , in its meeting held on Wednesday 13/02/2013 , approved distributing of cash dividends amounting to SR 30 million (representing 5% per value, of to SR 0.50 per share) to the shareholders representing profit distribution for the second half of the year 2012. 
The date of eligibility for this dividend distribution will be to shareholders listed in the company 's records by the end of trading on the day of the general assembly meeting that will be announced later after taking the formal approval from the authorities. The date of the cash dividend payment will be confirmed later after the General Assembly approval . 
It is worth noting that the company paid earlier in the year dividends amounting to SR 30 million for the first half of the year 2012 (representing 5% per value, SR 0.50 per share) , hence the total dividends distribution of the year 2012 amounts to SR 60 million (representing 10% per value, SR 1 per share)are/template/page/hiv-rash-symptoms.aspx">aids hiv information how do you get hiv