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Construction of the new Nadec dairy farm- First phase progressing in line with plans
Riyadh, January 17th, 2014 – The first construction phase of the new Nadec dairy farm in Nadec City Harad is progressing in line, with first milk production planned for after Ramadan. When completed, the farm will include an 18000 milking facility consisting of 6000 cow milking units including dry and special needs cows, supporting barns, supporting facilities, main milking parlors and treatment milking parlors, cow traffic patterns to parlors and more.
Abdulaziz Al Babtain, Managing Director of Nadec Group commented: This will be the seventh farm for Nadec in Harad, bringing the total number of cows close to 80 000 by 2016, making Nadec one of the largest 100% vertically integrated dairy business in the world. The forward and backward integration of the Nadec model is allowing optimal management and cost efficiency of all aspects of the manufacturing and supply chain. We are very proud of the evolution of our dairy farms in the past 30 years, always placing quality at the heart of what we do.
Patrick Satamian, Chief Executive Officer Nadec Foods added: This investment will support the accelerated growth rate of +20% that Nadec is experiencing in KSA and in the Middle East region since few years, around 3 times the market growth. It will support the growth agenda of existing dairy categories, including milk, laban, yogurt, labnah, desserts, etc… whilst serving as platform for the introduction of new categories and brands.