Full Press Release

Nadec creates a new digital identity

Riyadh, November 4, 2013 - Nadec invested in digital development in support of its brand image and created an enhanced customer experience. In collaboration with Grey, one of the leading advertising agencies in the MENA region, Nadec launched a new bilingual website, redesigned using the latest technologies to reflect a more modern digital image.
The entire website was developed with responsive design which allows automatic adaptation on both mobile and tablets.
The digital team revamped the user interface to make the user journey more enjoyable and reworked the usability of the website to allow easier access to information.
Users can now easily access all products’ details arranged by categories and sub-categories as well as other useful and informative sections.
The new sitemap was redesigned to include both corporate and user engaging information with a “Health & Wellness” section that gives users useful tips on healthy nutrition and proper physical activity. Users can now discover more about the benefits of Nadec’s main products: Milk and Juice. The website also features a BMI calculator to scientifically identify ideal weights.
 “Nadec & Kids” section was specifically dedicated to children between 4 and 6 years in order to appeal for younger audiences. The section entails engaging and fun games as well as different stories featuring unique Nadec characters.
Further updates on the website will follow soon with new interesting sections and additional information to keep Nadec consumers continuously informed and engaged. 

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