Full Press Release

NADEC Foods expands its cheese range to meet consumer demand for different occasions with long life feta, snacking portions, flavored slices and tins

Riyadh, 18 May 2014 - NADEC Foods, one of the leading food, dairy and beverage companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has expanded its range of cheese products into new categories.

The new expanded range includes long life feta, snacking portions, triangles/squares, flavored slices and cheddar tins. These categories represent an important part of the cheese market, and NADEC is now one of the few companies to offer products in all cheese categories fulfilling customer demand for high quality products across the whole range of dairy produce. This expansion will help NADEC achieve its goal of becoming one of the market leaders in the cheese sector.

This expansion of NADEC’s cheese offering coincides with the rapid growth of its market share in the cheese category as well as in fruit juices, milk, laban, yogurt and olive oil. NADEC is now the fastest growing company in most of these product sectors and has shown an overall growth of 60% over the last 3 years making it the fastest growing company in the food sector.

Abdul Aziz Mohammad Al Babtain, Managing Director, NADEC, said, “We have expanded our range of cheese products as a result of extensive consumer research which highlighted the need for new products and packaging solutions to meet different consumer needs and occasions in the Kingdom”.

“In recent decades, the fast-growing food and beverage processing industry has increased in importance across the Middle East as knowledge about taste and healthy living intensifies. This has led to a noticeable change in consumption patterns. We are launching our new cheese range believing that we have everything at our disposal to deliver what the market demands.”

Patrick Satamian, CEO of NADEC Foods, said “Nadec Foods has grown 60% in the past 3 years as a result of aggressive marketing, sales and distribution programs. To maintain this growth, and achieve our target of becoming one the market-leaders in the cheese sector, we must continually review our product offering to ensure we deliver the best quality products, in the right formats and make them available where our consumer’s shop. This range helps to support that strategy”.

He continued, “I am confident that our new range of cheese products will provide NADEC Foods with sustained growth and enable the company to move forward as one of the few that can provide all kinds of cheeses to consumers and customers.”