Full Press Release

NADEC ‘revamps’ Website & Social Media Platforms to better connect with its consumers

Riyadh, May 20th, 2014 - NADEC, one of the leading food, dairy and beverage companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has been recognized for its commitment to brand excellence and quality as per international standards by the KSA arm of the independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence - Superbrand.

One of the areas of consumer communication and connection that has been applauded has been the ‘revamp’ of the website and its Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The new NADEC website has been refreshed and updated in line with the new branding, with information about the company, its products and various aspects of health and nutrition designed to engage its customers and encourage a better understanding of and a healthier lifestyle and diet. The new design is colorful, fresh and consumer friendly and is constantly being revised and updated with new information, videos, games and competitions leading to a greater number of users with the site adding around 7500 per week, with them spending more time on the site, on average around 3 minutes and requesting more information. The Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) platforms have also been updated with new and regular information, videos and posts being communicated to the ever growing base of followers on each platform. There are now over 70,000 Facebook fans with around 3000 new fans per week joining with a total reach of 1.3 million users from which around 130,000 are actively engaged; and over 20,000 twitter fans with around 2500 new users joining per week.

Patrick Satamian CEO of NADEC said ‘this dialogue with our customers and consumers is helping the company to share relevant information and updates about our products, company performance, health and nutrition, etc. and also giving us a better understanding of how our consumers view our products, communication and actions. This dialogue will continue to be a theme in the future and form a key communication platform to allow us to engage with the increasingly digital minded consumers in the Kingdom and beyond’.