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Nadec awarded the BIOL Saudi Arabia for the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the 7th consecutive year

Andria, Italy March 15th, 2015 – Nadec was again awarded the BIOL Saudi Arabia in the BIOL International Prize for the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Nadec has now received this prize for the 7th consecutive year which is a major achievement for the company and brand. The competition includes entries from over 300 companies from around the world.

Eng. Abdulaziz Al Babtain, Managing Director of NADEC Group said: ‘To win this award for the 7th consecutive year is a great achievement and highlights the dedication, commitment and hard work of all involved. We are very happy to receive this prestigious award once again because it underlines the strength of our team who have grown, nurtured and harvested the best olives, and the quality of the process by which we produce the highest quality organic olive oil in line with our brand promise of as good as it gets. We will continue to focus our efforts on locally growing and producing the highest quality olives for all of our products’.

Nadec’s award winning organic olive oil products are available in a number of formats and sizes including bottles and tins to cater for both individual households, as well as, catering clients who want to use the highest quality, healthy olive oil for use in a variety of dishes and occasions. ‘As with all of our other consumer products, our organic extra virgin olive oil is produced with the highest quality ingredients, using the best techniques to harvest, process and package this award winning olive oil in convenient pack formats to meet both customer and consumer requirements’ said CEO, Patrick Satamian.

The BIOL Prize, dedicated to organic extra-virgin olive oils, is a global reference point for the entire olive oil sector that started in Andria, southern Italy, through the initiative of C.I.Bi and the technical staff of the “Oil and Quality” program. The highly respected international prize has run since 1996.

Every year, more than 300 producers from more than 17 different countries, and from all five continents, submit their best oils. These undergo the rigorous test of the international tasting panels and get analyzed by qualified laboratories selected by BIOL, to produce a complete reliable and updated overview of the organic olive oil worldwide sector.

Through its qualified permanent technical staff and its international network of experts, BIOL offers a technical service for training, information and research. This facility serves the needs of the world’s olive growers and olive oil producers who produce a quality product, while caring for all ethical and environmental aspects.

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