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Nadec continues to make investments to support an appealing brand quality and image
Riyadh, March 31st, 2014 – Nadec continues to make investments in support of its brand image as it prepares during the month of April the second range of advertising commercials under the umbrella ‘’As good as it gets’’, these commercials will support the growth of existing Nadec brands and help in introducing new SKUs in nearby categories, in line with the company strategic plan.
This development follows the production and airing of 6 new commercials during 2013 including milk, laban, yogurt, juice, cheese, in addition to a corporate commercial which positions Nadec in the top brands in the region in terms of equity and awareness. On a parallel basis, a number of outdoor, radio and press executions will support the brand communication efforts, resulting in sales growth of over 20%.
Patrick Satamian, Chief Executive Officer of Nadec Foods said: “These investments will allow us to continue to communicate the Nadec brand core equity and values, making the brand more appealing to consumers and customers, thus helping the double digit growth rate to continue in the years to come. We are very pleased with the way the Nadec brand reacted to the advertising support and this is very promising for the future ’’.
Azhar Malik, Marketing General Manager added: The strategic advertising approach behind the Nadec Branded House has allowed the main Nadec brand as well as the various categories to benefit from vertical equity transfer, along with some horizontal platforms such as Kids and Cooking, resulting in a an overall stronger brand.  We are confident that the second range of advertising commercials will further optimize the Nadec brand image. 
Nadec has been working since few years with reputable and global advertising partners such as Grey group and Mediacom (part of the WPP group), TNS, etc…which has allowed the brand to benefit from best in class support and strategic thinking.