Full Press Release

Nadec announces the creation of the Nadec Training Academy

Riyadh, March 1st, 2103 – Nadec announced the creation of Nadec Training Academy with the intention to motivate, develop and retain top talent. The Academy will cover all the leadership, functional, technical and behavioral requirements of the Nadec Foods and Nadec Agriculture organizations and teams and will include a combination of in house and external training programs.

Patrick Satamian, Chief Executive of Officer Nadec Foods said on this occasion: Motivating, developing and retaining top talent is a must in order to continue to fuel the 20% growth rate we have been experiencing since 3 years, as well as progressing the diversification strategy of the company. Professional training is the foundation for future-oriented personnel development. It secures the necessary knowledge and skills for the future, so that we can execute with success the strategic plan of the company.  

Our business is people intensive. Given the scarcity of skilled personnel in the area of milk production and processing, both nationally and internationally, NADEC is investing  a great deal in providing world class training, working hand-in-hand with our 40 plus leading suppliers such as Delaval, GEA, SPX, Tetra Pak, Combibloc, Serac, Grey, Mediacom and TNS, just to name a few.

Khalid Thumairi, General Manager Human Resources added: NADEC Training Academy was created together with our partners, the first of its kind in the region, offering leading edge management, behavioral and technical competencies in all aspects of the dairy business. As one of the largest vertically integrated companies in the world, Nadec needs a wide range of personnel skills. Employees at Nadec in the region alone represent more than 100 different professions. Recruiting the appropriate individuals at all levels is a major challenge, which is why training and development is given high strategic importance.

Also, NADEC invests a great deal in providing first-class apprenticeship training. Thanks to these efforts, many apprentices successfully complete their final examinations and remain with the company, embarking on a career, which will undoubtedly prove to be rewarding for both them and the company. In addition to apprentice training, NADEC offers a trainee program for university graduates looking for a structured introduction to the world of dairy consumer goods.