Full Press Release

Nadec appoints General Manager Sales & Exports

Steve Morris to lead Nadec Sales Growth Plan

Riyadh, November 1st, 2013 – Patrick Satamian, Chief Executive Officer, Nadec Foods, today announced the appointment of Steve Morris as General Manager Sales, effective immediately.

Steve Morris will continue to develop the Company's sales planning processes and capabilities, as well as lead the organization's sales transformation efforts.

"This role is critical to Nadec as we accelerate our efforts to develop best in class sales capabilities in order to continue the sales momentum growth of 20% per annum" said Patrick Satamian.

“Steve's prior experience at Kraft Foods, Nestle, Al Marai, Motorola and more, covered senior sales management roles in Europe and the Middle East. More recently he’s running his own Consulting business, which gives him a unique breadth and depth of experience in both developing sales strategy and driving sales improvement. I am confident that Steve together with the Sales Leadership Team will achieve objectives" said Satamian.

Satamian added: "This unique balance of sales strategy and successful implementation is critically important in helping us achieve our sales goals across Nadec’s existing categories and channels, as well as expanding into new channels, categories and markets in line with the company’s strategic plan.