Nutritious Lunchbox

Nutritious lunchbox for your kids

It is very of prime importance to give your kids a healthy and nutritious lunchbox at school in order to boost their energy needed for a good concentration. It is also important to encourage them to consume the foods by offering easy and delicious varieties. We are hereby proposing you few tips:

  • Let your child choose his lunch box; he might want it big, colorful, trendy, easy to open or hold, etc.
  • It is very important to prevent giving your child the same food every day; he will end up returning them back
  • Surprise your child with new varieties every time
  • Make sure you don’t put foods your kid doesn’t like
  • Try to make the lunch box as much as possible colorful; for this you can use different fruits and vegetables
  • Liquids or sauces should be kept in a well-sealed container
  • Avoid foodstuffs that have strong odors
  • Prepare the foods the night before
  • If your child likes cold fruits, you might want to put them in the freezer the night before; they will be cold by lunchtime
  • Few kids don’t like to get their hands or clothes dirty while eating; peel and cut fruits or vegetables for them and store in a sealed bag or box and avoid sandwiches filled with a lot of foodstuffs or sauces
  • Avoid as much as possible sugary snacks or liquids; use instead fresh fruits, fruit yogurt or homemade cakes
  • Try to balance the lunch box; meaning that you should include a variety of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • Don’t forget the water; you might want to put the bottles in the freezer the night before
  • Avoid using butter or margarine; use instead avocado as a spreading for the sandwiches
  • You might need to use a variety of breads to keep the sandwich interesting; pita, bagel, rice cakes, etc. Try as much as possible to use whole wheat bread
  • Avoid putting large quantities; for instance if the sandwich is big, divide it by two
  • If you are adding juicy fillings in the sandwich, avoid their contact with bread; for instance you can add the tomato between the lettuce leaves rather in direct contact with the bread. Otherwise the bread will become soggy
  • Store the foods in an insulated lunch box and add a small freezer brick to keep food cold, otherwise harmful bacteria will be multiplying
  • Don’t forget the spoon or a safe fork if needed