Company Announcements

In reference to the announcement made by the agricultural development Co. (Nadec ) on 28th December 2014 regarding the accomplishment of all requirements for reserving and receiving 25,200 Hectar / 6... Read more

In reference to the ministerial resolution of the council of ministers meeting held on Monday 17 Rabi Alawal 1437 H corresponding to December 28 ,2015 pertaining to the increase in energy and electri... Read more

Further to the announcement published on Tadawuls website on 08-10-2015 related to National agricultural development company (Nadec) announcing its interim financial results for the period ended on 3... Read more

National Agriculture Development Co. Announces The Interim Financial Results For The Period Ending On 30-09-2015 (Three Months) ELEMENT CURRENT QUARTER SIMILAR QUARTER FOR PREVI... Read more

Referring to the company's announcement regarding the deposit of the fractional shares sale which was published on 04.19.2015, it was reported that the total amount 280,464.54 million riyals, and the... Read more

National Agriculture Development Co. (NADEC) announces the completion of selling fractions shares arising out of the company's capital increase based on the approval of extraordinary general assembly... Read more

Increase in sales revenue by 5.19% with a lower cost of sales ratio that resulted in improvement of the gross profit, more over the net income of the current quarter has been impacted by the increase... Read more

NADEC announces that the new Board of Directors, elected by the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting on March 17, 2015, for a term of three years from April 1, 2015, has approved the following appo... Read more

Increase in sales revenue and reduction of the Zakat provision despite the increase in some operating expenses and financing cost attributed to the company’s expansion as well as the decrease in othe... Read more

Board of Directors of National agricultural Development Company (Nadec) convened on Sunday 26th Rabi Althani corresponding to Feb 15th 2014 recommends to the extraordinary shareholders general assemb... Read more

National Agriculture Development Co. announces that the Board of directors on his meeting 15-02-2015 has recommended to extraordinary general assembly meeting to increase the company's capital throug... Read more