Nadec Agri

Nadec Agri Projects in KSA

Nadec Agric has four agricultural projects in the provinces of KSA (Ad-Dawasir, Haradh, Hail, Al-Jawf).

Total area: 107,000 hectares. Here are the key achievements of the agricultural sector in 2016 AD.



The total area of Nadec olive orchards in Al-Jawf is of 595 hectares. 183 hectares of this area were traditionally planted with 45,000 olive trees, and 132 hectares were intensively cultivated (trees were planted densely in 2007) with 215,000 trees. In 2013, the intensive cultivation model was expanded to grow 436,320 trees over an area of 280 hectares. Thus, the number of olive trees grown by Nadec totaled ~700,000 trees, all of which planted with a purpose to produce organic olive oil. Nadec total production for the foregoing year reached 310,000 liters of CEREC-certified organic oil. This product was also awarded the BIOL Prize dedicated to organic extra-virgin olive oil.