Nadec Agri

Nadec Agri Projects in KSA

Nadec Agric has four agricultural projects in the provinces of KSA (Ad-Dawasir, Haradh, Hail, Al-Jawf).

Total area: 107,000 hectares. Here are the key achievements of the agricultural sector in 2016 AD.


Organic Agriculture

Nadec continued application of the organic farming program to palm trees in the projects of Haradh and Wadi Ad-Dawasir, and the olive and fruit trees in Al-Jawf Project. This is supported by the cow farms and supply of natural fertilizers at large quantities that contribute to the organic farming operations. The organic farming certificate is renewed and obtained from the awarding company (CEREC) on annual basis, after completion of inspection in the production sites under control of the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. In addition, Nadec was registered with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) as leading company in the field of organic production in KSA.