Nadec Agri

Nadec Agri Projects in KSA

Nadec Agric has four agricultural projects in the provinces of KSA (Ad-Dawasir, Haradh, Hail, Al-Jawf).

Total area: 107,000 hectares. Here are the key achievements of the agricultural sector in 2016 AD.



1- Potato:

Nadec is a main producer of processing potatoes in KSA, in addition to its distinction in production of fresh potatoes throughout the year in high quality items and specifications. Its crops of processing potatoes market in KSA represents 60%. Nadec potatoes production of 2016 AD in the various projects was 65,000 tons, in addition to production of seeds to cover the needs of Nadec projects.

The production projects in Nadec are equipped with stations for sorting and grading to contribute to reduce the costs and increase the production and quality of production, and to increase the rates of supply to customers. The company was awarded the Global Gap Certificate of potatoes.

2- Onion

The quantity produced of onion in the company's various projects was more than 10,000 ton of items that proved feasible marketing. Nadec covers high percentage of local market needs.