Making a Difference

Research & Development

Since its inception, Nadec has sought to satisfy consumers by diversifying the products that nourish their every-day life. It aims at fulfilling its promise to provide products that nourish the lives of individuals every day. Nadec's promise delivered during its long journey in food processing and agricultural production which continued through its strategic plans and its whole chain of operations from farms to dinner tables. It has held itself to the highest standards of quality, implemented all quality systems and food safety recognized locally, regionally and internationally, foremost among which is the ISO 22000 standard on food safety, and ISO 9001 which is dedicated to quality control and operations of organizations, and the Saudi quality mark. In order to provide excellent products, Nadec has equipped all of its laboratories with the best techniques used in food processing.

Nadec is committed to assuring that all its members comply with quality standards and food safety by promoting quality responsibilities and effective participation among all employees.

At Nadec, we believe in the ability and importance of each to make a sufficient impact through the quality of any work they do, from the CEO to all of Nadec’s employees.