Nadec World

CEO's Message

At NADEC, we are proud of our deep roots and long history, which is due to our culture of cooperation and commitment to quality. NADEC is one of the largest integrated food companies that has evolved over the years to become a leader in innovation and quality development. Today, the name of NADEC and its other brands has become widely known in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our products form an essential part of the community's nourishment scheme as an essential ingredient in every meal. Our goal at NADEC is to enrich the lives of consumers and their families and nourish their lives every day. We have committed ourselves to delivering products that provide physical and moral nourishment, contributing to the quality of life and building a healthier future.

We are proud of our sustained will and leadership in developing new ideas and products, and I am pleased to express my gratitude to our shareholders, customers, partners, our team and all members of the community for their trust in us. I also reiterate our promise to provide products that nourish your life every day, in accordance with the best international quality standards.

Our Strategy


  • Providing a complete range of innovative and ideal products that nourish the lives of the community members daily while maintaining the quality of the taste at the same time.
  • Contribution to the promotion of quality of life and enhancing the eating habits of the community.
  • Excellence through the application of the latest technology in production, distribution and information systems in accordance with international standards.
  • Building confidence among consumers through a wide range of products approved and manufactured according to the highest international quality standards.