Supplier Registration

NADEC believes in partnership to achieve its goals. Therefore, building a close and long-term strategic relationship with the best suppliers in the world contributes to achieving positive results by establishing fixed and consistent basis for this relationship. Today, NADEC has more than 5,000 qualified suppliers in many fields. As a fast-evolving company, NADEC welcomes any potential new supplier that can be part of our success.

Areas of registration: contractor (local / foreign), consultant (local / foreign), supplier, factory (local / foreign).

Mandatory governmental documents:

  • Trade License
  • Commercial Certification
  • VAT Registration
  • Zakat & Income Certification
  • GOSI Certification
  • Saudization Certification
  • Quality Certification

Once your registration is complete, NADEC’s team will follow up with you regarding the status of the application through the registered e-mail. All information recorded is strictly confidential.


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