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National Agricultural Development Co. (NADEC) announces deposit of the fractions shares sale proceeds arising out of the capital increase into shareholders portfolios. - 12/05/2016

National Agricultural Development Co. NADEC announces the completion of selling fractions shares arising out of the company’s capital increase based on the approval of extraordinary general assembly meeting which was held on 07-04-2016 corresponding to 29-06-1437 as following:
1.The total number of shares fractions is 7,214 shares
2. The Sold fractions shares on 26-04-2016 corresponding to 19-07-1437 with a value of SAR 150,184.01 by average price of SAR 20.82.
3. Amounts will be deposited into the shareholders account on 25-05-2016 corresponding to 18-08-1437
Riyad Bank will be the bank used to deposit the fractions shares amount to those whose accounts data are available, whereas those whose accounts data are not sufficient are required to contact the nearest branch of Riyad bank to receive their due compensation amount after 25-05-2016 corresponding to 18-08-1437.