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NADEC announces the dividends payment method and date for the fiscal year 2014 - 01/04/2015

The National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC) is pleased to announce to its shareholders the distribution of cash dividends amounting to SR0.50 per share for the fiscal year 2014 on Wednesday April -15 – 2015 through AlRajhi bank. Entitlement of this distribution is for shareholders listed at the end of trading on the day of the General Assembly meeting on 17 March 2015 as follows:
1. For shareholders having investment portfolios, the dividends will be deposited in the respective bank accounts. Shareholders are kindly requested to contact the company at the address below in case the deposit is not received.
2. For shareholders the holders of share certificates dividends will be transferred to the respective bank accounts after depositing their shares in their investment portfolios by sending the original certificate together with a copy of the ID card investment portfolio number bank account number current mailing address and phone number to the companys address P.O. 2557 Riyadh 11461.
3. Shareholders who have not so far received their former share dividends are invited to contact the company to collect dividend payment
For further inquiries please contact the NADEC investors relations section: Tel: 011-2027830 Fax: 011-2027888, Email: