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The Board of directors of National Agriculture Development Co. has recommended an increase in the company’s capital through bonus shares. - 13/02/2014

Nadec Co. announces that the Board of directors on his meeting 13-02-2014 has recommended to extraordinary general assembly meeting to increase the company’s capital through bonus shares as following:
1.Company’s capital before increase is SAR 600 Millions, company’s capital after increase SAR 700 Millions, with an increase by 16.7%.
2.The number of shares before increasing 60 Millions shares, the number of shares after increasing 70 Millions shares.
3.Offering 1 bonus shares for every 6 shares owned.
4.The increasing will be doing through capitalization SAR 100 Millions from account
5.The company aimed from capital increasing to its expansion plans, according to the strategy.
6.The bonus shares is limited to the shareholders who are registered in the shareholder’s register in the Securities Depository Center (Tadawul) at the close of trading on the extraordinary general assembly day, which will be determined later by the company.
7.In cause have bonus shares fractions; the company will collect it in one portfolio then selling it during 30 days from finishing allocating the new shares. The proposed increase in capital would be initiated only once necessary approvals are received from official authorities as well as from shareholders in extraordinary general assembly meeting.